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Since 2012 Cristina Sartorio’s medical centers – Turin & Santa Margherita Ligure – have been welcoming patients by offering innovative Aesthetic Medicine and anti-aging solutions with the most sophisticated technologies for the treatment of facial and body imperfections without the medical-aesthetic action being evident.


Our centers are equipped with the most advanced technologies on the market: from the Vectra camera system - which reconstructs in HD and 3D the entire body of the patient for the definition of the most suitable therapy - to Ultraformer III, Dermapen IV, Hydrafacial MD, LPG ENDERMOLOGY, Hydrocolontherapy, to name a few.


Our well-being also passes through emotional balance and mental serenity and Cristina Sartorio also takes care of the psychophysical health of their patients helping them to reconnect with themselves and learn to better live their lives.

Improving our nutrition through an adequate nutritional path affects not only the body, but also the energy, psychological and spiritual processes that take place within it, as well as rely on specialist who supports us in the management of our social anxieties and specific phobias through hypnositerapy.

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dottoressa Sartorio

Whoever retains the ability to grasp beauty, will never be old

Franz Kafka

Graduated in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Turin, Cristina Sartorio has also obtained a Master in Aesthetic Medicine, lasting four years at the Agorà in Milan and, at the same place, in Laser Therapy and Laser Surgery.


She is a member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, associated with the portals Guida Estetica and and participates as a speaker at numerous national and international congresses specialized in Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging Medicine.


Responsible and scientific referent of the column ‘La Medicina ti fa bella’ (Medicine makes you beautiful) of the monthly PharmaMagazine and II Gazzettino della Farmacia, Cristina Sartorio has the collaboration of specialists with whom she has created a team to welcome the patient in an interdisciplinary way, inviting him to take care of his body with an emotional rebalancing and a dietary education aimed at enhancing lifestyle and aesthetic image.

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